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Did President Trump do the right thing firing FBI Director Comey?

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    The latest on America's longest war

    The Taliban now controls roughly one-third of Afghanistan -- more than at any time since 2001, when the war began

    The latest on America's longest war

    President Trump said on the campaign trail that NATO is obsolete because it doesn't fight terrorism, but the truth is, NATO alliance has been in Afghanistan for 16 years. Twenty-five NATO countries have forces there alongside more than 8,000 U.S. troops. Elizabeth Palmer brings us up to date on America's longest war.

    Trump lectures NATO on spending at summit, and Russia issue divides allies

    President Trump publicly berated allies at the NATO summit for not paying their share for defense. The chief of the alliance complained that Mr. Trump isn't worried enough about Russia. Major Garrett reports from Brussels.

    Britain remembers attack victims as police conduct more raids, arrests

    The United Kingdom held a moment of silence Thursday to honor the victims of Monday night's terror attack in Manchester. Queen Elizabeth also visited the hospital where the wounded are recovering. Mark Phillips reports.